When Glee/Pokemon Worlds Collide
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When Glee/Pokemon Worlds Collide is an upcoming chapter in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation.

Short Note About This EpisodeEdit

This episode will probably be a 2-story arc episode, also i know it's STUPID to do this cross over or whatever it's called and in your minds you all start thinking "What the hell?" but i'm sorry, it just had to be done. Yes a Glee: The Second Generation and Pokemon cross-over.

This episode will probably have no songs or maybe two songs or maybe three songs. Whatever. Two songs it is.

Also i know this episode is pointless as Blaine and Sue's fued in the Glee episode......Feud, but this episode is jut for fun. So, yeah.


When New Directions gets trapped in the choir room due to a storm, others are starting to panic and worry about their family, while other members: Franklin,Eden and DJ are having the time of they're lives playing Pokemon, a bright shiny red light struck the choir room. What will happen to the New Directions?