Under The Gun
Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two
Red Coat and Spencer 3x24
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"The Proposal"
"The Aftermath"
Under The Gun is the twenty second episode in the second season of the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation. This will be the season two finale.


A party is held in Franchessca's mansion to celebrate the National win (because last episode was all about the Proposal celebaration) but P attacks once again. This time it gets serious, Ariana,Spencer,Charlie and Chriss gets kidnapped. Franklin,Franchessca,DJ,Kate and Bridget rescues them. Someone will get seriously hurt (more serious than what happened to Franklin). Will they save Ariana and Chriss? Will they finally unmask who the hell "P" is. And who will get shot by a gun? Ariana? Spencer? Charlie? or Chriss?


  • This is the first episode not to contain any songs.
  • The title is a referrence to an episode of the Pretty Little Liars.