Season Two Spoilers for the second season of the Glee :The Second Generation


  • The Juniors are, Franklin,Ariana,Chriss,Franchessca and Kate. The Sophmores are, Amelia,Cameron,Eden,Charlie,Spencer,Bridget and Britney

New characters/StorylinesEdit

Spencer CarterEdit

  • She was supposed to be the secondary antagonist in season One but it was cancelled.
  • She will showcase her coldness in season Two.
  • She will have a huge storyline.

Nicki MinajEdit

Steffi Prescott,DJ Smythe-Pierce and Walker ParkerEdit

  • They will all join New Directions because of both Franklin and Chriss

Gemma StylesEdit

  • Ariana's older-sister Gemma Styles will have a huge storyline involving Kate Meyer

One DirectionEdit

  • In the mid-season episode, One Direction will join New Directions for unknown reasons

Eden St.GregoryEdit

  • He will be Franklin's rival in Season Two

Franklin MontgomeryEdit

  • There will be horrible things that will happen to him.


  • There will be a Nicki Minaj tribute at the second episode of the season
  • Tom Jones' "Its Not Unusual" will be performed by Franklin, re-making Blaine Anderson's audition for the New Directions
  • Rihanna's "Diamonds" will be performed by Chriss
  • Taylor Swift's new song "Come Back... Be Here" will be performed by Franklin
  • Songs from Glee Season Three and Season Four will be recycled, but not the storyline
  • There will be more modern music