Rachel Berry
General Information
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 19
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: December 18, 1994
Height: 5'3"
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Shelby Corcoran (mother)

Hiram Berry (father)
LeRoy Berry (father)
Franklin Montgomery (younger brother)
Skyler Stark (younger brother)
Beth Corcoran (adoptive sister)

Relationships: Louis Tomlinson (kissed; in love with)

Finn Hudson (ex-fiancee/boyfriend, slept with)
Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend)
Jesse St. James (ex-boyfriend)
Blaine Anderson (kissed)
Will Schuester (former crush)

Other Information
Interests: Broadway

Performing Arts Singing, Solos

Talent: Singing

Ballet Acting Performing Arts

Vulnerabilities: Criticism, Not Getting Solos, Choking Auditions
Strengths: Her voice

Vocal range Leadership Solos Dancing Powerful ballads Ballads Broadway performances Comforting others

Weaknesses: Jealousy towards people with talent that intimidate her

Breakups Self-esteem Giving up solos Not having her dreams come true

Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Lea Michele
Rachel Barbra Berry is a main character on Glee. She is currently a student at NYADA, run by dean Carmen Tibideaux. She is an alumna of William McKinley High School as of the third season finale, Goodbye. Officially, she was the first ever captain of New Directions, having later recruited Finn Hudson in the episodeMattress. She was one of the three major self-proclaimed divas of the club: the others being two are her best friends; Mercedes Jonesand Kurt Hummel. Rachel is a very driven and ambitious young woman.

She was raised by her two gay fathers, LeRoy and Hiram Berry, and was able to meet her biological mother Shelby Corcoran, the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline in Theatricality, thanks to the efforts of ex-boyfriend Jesse St. James. Rachel is very competitive and often flaunts her "diva" behavior by always demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention due to her dream of going to Broadway.

However, on numerous occasions, Rachel has shown that she is slowly becoming more considerate and supportive towards the other members of New Directions. She was engaged to Finn Hudson in Yes/No, whom she has had conflicting feelings for ever since the first season episode, Pilot.

In the episode Yes/No, Finn proposes to Rachel and in Michael Rachel accepts his proposal.

In On My Way, they planned to get married, and in the beginning of Big Brother it is revealed that they postponed their wedding due to Quinn Fabray's texting and driving car accident.

In Goodbye, Finn told her that he is setting her free so that she could go to New York and follow her dreams which she couldn't do if she was married to him. She graduated from McKinley High School in the season three graduation episode Goodbye.

In The New RachelSeason Four, Rachel is now a student at (NYADA) and is finding it hard to fit in with the new adjustments. Her dance teacher, Cassandra July, isn't making her stay in New York City very welcoming either.

By The Break-Up, Finn returns but with the on-going drama, Rachel breaks off their relationship "for now" and their relationship was on hold. In Glease, it seems their relationship has fully dropped after Finn says they shouldn't have contact and he doesn't want to know about Rachel's arrival to Lima, Ohio if she does return again someday.

Rachel is portrayed by actress and singer Lea Michele.