Christmas Love Affair is the 9th upcoming chapter on the fanfic Glee: The Second Generation


It's Christmas and everybody is sad because of Franklin being confined in the hospital,but Mr. Schue,Kate and Elmo tries to cheer everyone up by throwing a Christmas party, Charlie and Kate's new friendship blossoms into something different, while Chriss and Ariana feel something's going on between Amelia and Eden. In the end of the episode Elmo is revealed to be inlove with Ariana


  • Jingle Bell Rock by Billy Idol. Sung by Elmo,Kate and Will
  • Christmas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi. Sung by Elmo
  • Winter Wonderland. Cover by Jason Mraz.
  • What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas by The Emotions. Sung by Franklin and Elmo
  • River by Joni Mitchell. Sung by Ariana
  • Carol of the Bells by Destiny's Child
  • Oh Santa by Mariah Carey. Sung by Franchessca
  • Step Into Christmas by Elton John. Sung by New Directions

Song NotesEdit

  • Ariana's solo will be performed in the auditorium and Elmo will be watching her perform it with teary eyes.
  • Elmo's solo will have an emotional scene.
  • Elmo's duet with Franklin will be a fantasy number.
  • Franchessca's solo will be upbeat and everybody will be dancing except for Elmo.
  • Winter Wonderland will have 5 soloists.